Low cost companies

Low cost airlines are the air carriers whose main goal is to provide cheap and safe transport of passengers to a specific destination. To lower flight prices, those airlines cut their costs by sacrificing every luxury except for flight safety.

This means there is no business class on the airplane, no audio or video technics, one has to pay extra for food or drinks on-board, and airplane tickets are sold exclusively online. Low cost carriers tend to avoid big and costly airports and are mainly oriented to alternative ones due to considerably lower fees.

This revolutionary concept has made the air travel affordable to many, and consequently the number of low cost companies grows each year. In London there currently are 29 low cost airlines operating, in Rome 20, and in Prague 14.

For some time now Serbia is also on the map of low cost airlines. The abolition of visas to the so-called Schengen zone countries has greatly contributed to that. Shortly after putting Serbia on the White Schengen List, low cost airline Fly Niki has requested and got the permission to perform air transport in Serbia.

Besides Wizzair, Germanwings, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Fly Dubai, Pegasus  and Aegean are also flying from Belgrade.

These companies operate from two airports in the country. In Belgrade, they use "Nikola Tesla" airport used for civil air transport, while in Nis, "Constantine the Great", also airport for civil air traffic.

The market of low cost airlines however requires alternative airports to lower the fare. Serbia is expected to soon adapt a military airport in Belgrade's Batajnica for civil traffic. This will allow passengers fly at lower prices because the airport tax for "Batajnica" would be significantly lower than the one for "Nikola Tesla".

The list of low cost airlines flying from Serbia is also expected to grow in the coming years.